Carly Paoli: Music For Mercy Live at The Roman Forum (ft Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Elaine Paige)

Apr 19, 2020 20:07

image Click to view Дата премьеры: 10 апр. 2020 г.

Four years ago Pope Francis selected my ‘Ave Maria’ to be the song for his Jubilee ‘Year of Mercy’. In 2016, on a hot Roman summer night, myself and music legends, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Elaine Paige, The Tenors and Giovanni Caccamo performed a once in a lifetime concert at the historic, atmospheric and ancient Roman Forum. Under the baton of Maestro Gianluca Marciano, we filled Rome’s streets with the sound of glorious music celebrating The Holy Father’s sacred message of ‘Mercy’.

For the first time ever, watch this iconic event across from the comfort of your home. I am hoping it may bring some love, faith and light during this difficult time.

Андреа Бочелли, Карантин, Музыка

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