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Oct 26, 2016 19:04

Mostly Gay Not-Couple Verse: Kurt and Brittany are really, really not dating. Most of the time, they remember this.
  • Amicable Exes: “Hmm, maybe Kurt was like, sick-sick, not just worried sick: His face was turning a weird color that Brittany was pretty sure was not normal.” Kurt wants to break up with Brittany. If only he could be sure they were having the same conversation.
  • Platonic Domesticity: “Brittany marveled at Kurt’s face as it went from normal to really, really white in about four seconds. Wow! He had to teach her how to do that!” Brittany wants to do something nice for Kurt. Kurt would like to make it out of the garage in one piece.
  • Cordial Affections: “She really had to figure out how Kurt made his skin so pale in less than two seconds-it was a really awesome trick.” Kurt would make Brittany’s bad day better in a heartbeat. If only he could figure out what on earth she’s talking about.
  • Friendly Rapport: “Kurt’s cold must be worse than Brittany had thought-his skin looked all pale and clammy, and he even looked like he was shaking a little.” Brittany wants to nurse Kurt back to health. Kurt wants to avoid a Brittany-induced trip to the Emergency Room.
  • Amenable Society: “Seriously, Kurt needed to start taking vitamins or something. Almost every time they were on the phone, he would spaz out and start coughing really hard.” Brittany really wants Kurt’s help. Kurt really, really wants Brittany to put her clothes back on.

Klaine: It’s canon, baby.
  • Dazed and Confused: “Maybe it was best he didn’t get out of the car. ‘I’m dapper and charming and here are some flowers’ didn’t sound right.” Blaine isn’t nervous about a family dinner at Kurt’s, except he totally is. Meeting Brittany for the first time kinda isn’t helping.
  • Flushed and Disoriented: “I’m clinging to my last threads of sanity, hoping that you can drive faster than she can figure out the barbeque lighter.” Brittany’s happy that Kurt’s back. Kurt’s hoping her enthusiasm doesn’t get them all killed. Blaine has no idea what’s going on.
  • Dizzy Dancing Way You Feel: “You’re wearing a skirt in Ohio; I definitely saved your ass from getting shanked right outside
    the door.” Santana is either the nicest villian, or the meanest hero, that Blaine’s ever met. He should probably decide which, since she’s got him cornered.
  • Stop Loss: AU. Kurt Hummel never went to McKinley, opting instead to develop his talents at Carmel under the watchful eye of Jesse St James. Everything is going according to plan, until the day a beautiful, damaged transfer student throws his world upside down.WIP.

Brittana: It’s canon, mostly.

  • Merry and Bright: “He thought he detected The Girl’s tone softening for just a second. Then the Satanic glare was back, replacing all thoughts of softness with a sense of impending doom.” Brittany wants to see Santa Claus. Santana wants to make sure he plays nice.
  • Rhythm and Attitude: “She hadn’t turned on the radio-and Brittany never touched the controls, afraid to wake up the singing fairies-making the drive both quiet and slightly awkward.” Santana would apologize to Brittany about Artie. Maybe. If she believed in apologizing.
  • Shadow and the Soul: “Santana kept staring. ‘There are so many things wrong with that sentence,’ she deadpanned.” Brittany broke Santana’s heart. Santana’s going to break her fist in someone’s face. And Quinn might just snap and kill them both.

Sue v. Kurt: Almost exactly what it sounds like.

  • Venom and Monsters: “I have seen some horrifying things come out of the jungles of Vietnam, but this might just take the cake.” Sue Sylvester sees Kurt, Brittany, and Tina in their Theatricality costumes. And she is not happy.
  • Toxic Showdown: “Have a seat, Liberace,” she commanded. “Your sheer terror is much more enjoyable when I’m towering over you, and frankly, I don’t feel like standing right now.” Coach Sylvester finds out about Brittany’s newly developed self-esteem. And she is not happy.

Artina: I hear it’s since gone out of style…pieces from when I was a little fledgling writer.

  • Swift and Exacting: “‘I’m fine,’ she was murmuring, as Kurt-seemingly oblivious to the state of his clothing, for once-wrapped an arm around her back to keep her upright.” The hazing at McKinley goes a bit beyond slushies. Artie is going to run someone down with his chair.
  • Shotgun Wedding: Quinn moves in with Tina for Spring Break while Mercedes visits her family. And if Tina and Artie can’t get it together and make out already, she’s totally aiming for their shoes when her water breaks. Quinn POV, with A/T and plenty of Kurt.
  • Cohere, Redux: “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m the actual psychic of the group; Rachel’s just my beard. Keeps me from getting
    bombarded for readings.” Quinn spends some quality time with the Gleeks over the summer. Y’know, minus the baby bump and accidental manipulation.

Tina & Puck Friendship: Because badassery happens.

  • Sympathy from the Devil: If there was one thing Puck did not know how to deal with, it was a crying chick. And physics homework. But crying chicks were a little messier, and a lot more likely to key your car.” Puck runs in to Tina post-Wheels, and really doesn’t get it.
  • Blitzkrieg Raged: “You threatened to douse Kurt with honey and tie him to a tree in Bear Country.” Puck is having a very bad day, and Tina owes him some cheering up. And if he were coherent enough to thank her, he still probably wouldn’t.

Crack!fic: No, really. Some pairing related, others are just sweet, sweet bromance.

And the rest: Drabble collections and stories that defy categorization.

  • Jigsaw: “If he’s knocked up with your improbably-Asian looking love child, I’m renting you out to every nightclub in Vegas.” In which Santana is the anti-hero, Brittany’s logic is somewhat flawed, Klaine is so on, and the Warblers really don’t get public school.
  • Stitches: “Finn. You used my iron to make a panini when we have a perfectly functional sandwich-maker.” In which Sam accidently provides Kurt with minions, Brittany is a celebrity twitterer, Klaine is adorable, Finn hates big words before noon, and more.

Apocalyptic Splendor: ‘“What brings you to the dungeon? Don’t tell me the cable’s out,” Faith guesses, looking so genuinely put out over the possibility that you’re nearly taken in.’ It takes Buffy seven years to save the world. It takes Faith seven days to hit rock bottom.

Transcendent Wreckage: “Your brain doesn’t work like other people’s. At least, that’s what you assume.” The week post-Chosen
Faith drinks a lot, spends 87 bucks on underwear, thinks about jumping off buildings, and works on that whole ‘not being evil or going insane’ thing. Sequel to AS.

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