Oblique Strategies

May 18, 2019 09:35

Many thanks to sandy_s for the thoughtful beta!

In lieu of starting with an actual plot, I used Oblique Strategies to provide a prompt every time I didn’t know what happened next … I’d say the result is more plot-like than one might expect. Prompts listed at the end, though some of their initially merely shakey relevance has been whittled away to ( Read more... )

creator: yellowb1, form: fic, rating: other, era: post-series

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thenewbuzwuzz May 18 2019, 15:04:52 UTC
How fun! I like your method of achieving plot!! *g* I might try Oblique Strategies in a more conventional form later (have them give me writing advice :D) - thanks for the inspiration. <3

Ethan is living the good life :) He'd love a carnival!

I like Spike's Death mask.

"They were just friends these days"
Come on, Spuffy, when has that EVER worked? *g*

"Torchlight glittered off a million shiny surfaces. Spike was glorious in movement, as always, his controlled violence and grace gorgeous to watch."
Am enjoying both the alliteration and the visuals. ^^

"Beyond them rose the snaky curl of a rollercoaster, sparkling with lights; in the distance the slow grandeur of a ferris wheel revolved against the stars."
Pretty! :))

"“Lovely fingers,” she was saying. “Water hands. You are driven by your emotions.”"
I agree with all of this.

"three lifelines - metaphorical, of course"
bwHAHAHAhaaa :)

"your love will lead you in"

“There’s a ghost in your life, a ghost or an echo, someone … or something that returns to you, time and again in different forms.”
Hmm! The Slayer line has different forms...

"Mirrors, separated by braided boughs of leaves in the dim light of bare bulbs, the dark green of the false leaves muted by dust."
Again, I am into the sound repetitions. ^^

Gasp! Cliffie! :) Glad you're planning to continue.

It's fun to look for traces of the prompts now. :) The palmistry ones are the easiest to see. May I ask what you did for "Honor thy error as a hidden intention"?


yellowb1 May 18 2019, 23:07:16 UTC
Aww, thank you Buzz! <3

Yes, the palmist conveniently got rid of several prompts for me. Some of these actually apply to the next installment (which may not come out until the next Seasonal Spuffy). And I think Honor Thy Error is most clearly evident in the fact I've combined Carnival in some South American country with Coney Island with no explanation whatsoever... but hey, IT'S THE THEME.


thenewbuzwuzz May 19 2019, 06:15:26 UTC
Heh, right, I noticed that - briefly - and then I was, like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


thenewbuzwuzz May 22 2019, 05:57:58 UTC
"the next installment (which may not come out until the next Seasonal Spuffy)"
So there's some chance that maybe it will come out before then? :) Where would it appear - Elysian Fields, I assume? (I like to put a note in the index post so people know where to follow the WIPs.)


yellowb1 May 22 2019, 17:20:25 UTC
It's conceivable I'd put it out before then on EF ... conceivable.


thenewbuzwuzz May 22 2019, 18:37:16 UTC
*nods* Thanks!


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