Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary | A One Small Step Micro

Jul 24, 2019 19:56

I wanted to write a little something in the One Small Step verse in time for the 50th anniversary but real life got in the way. Please accept this teeny snippet...

The weeks leading up to Apollo 11's 50th anniversary, Jensen is like a kid, bouncing around and announcing each new documentary he finds as if he's uncovered a hidden treasure. But no matter how much Jensen tries to engage him, Jared remains calm and says that it's silly to think that the 50th anniversary means anything more than the 49th or 51st. It remains equally astounding to him every year. That makes Jensen go quiet, like he got the first time Jared shared his awe over the space program.

On the day of the anniversary they are lounging around, Jared with his laptop on his lap and Jensen reviewing a manuscript. The sound from Jared's speakers surprises Jensen and he looks over to see that Jared had clicked on the Google Doodle and Michael Collins' recording about his great adventure is playing. Jared's lip curls up in a delighted smile, dimples on display. That's when Jensen knows the rocket ship cake he'd ordered two months in advance, with as much accurate detail as the pastry chef could manage, would indeed be welcome.

drabble, one small step, author: sandymg

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