(Fannish) Throwback Tuesday: That time when we discovered who Twilight on Buffy comics was

Jan 10, 2017 21:05

alexcat had an idea of having an different 'challenge' for every weekday, like What Are You Reading Wednesday, which gave me an inspiration of starting my own version a Throwback Thursday challenge myself.

So I've decided that every Tuesday1 I'll make a post about a subject that I've posted on that day some previous year.

Looks like 7 years ago, I was comparing the series finale of Harper's Island and the Big Twist of Buffy season 8 comics. Remember when the Buffy comics were totally bonkers and we all wanked about them on Whedonesque? Good times.

I actually stopped reading the comics about half-way through season 8, though that didn't stop me from wanking at Whedonesque posting about them. From what I've understood the comics are actually pretty good these days, so I've actually been meaning to catch up again one day (they're now up to, what, season 10? Season 11?) but alas, my local library no longer has the trades.

And Harper's Island, I really should rewatch that some day. I really loved Cal and Chloe, but apparently so did everyone else.

(Harper's Island will forever be tied to The Mentalist for me, because it was on at the same time and I had to make a choice which one to watch live and which one to record)

Um, so yeah, I don't seem to actually have any deep thoughts about either subject. It was weird rereading that post, though -- it was only 7 years ago, but it seems like a lifetime because I was still living in my old apartment, and still working at my old job.

But anyway, anyone want to talk about Buffy season 8 or Harper's Island?

1Tuesday instead of Thursday because I'm never home on Thursday nights

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