Bye bye Livejournal :(

Dec 31, 2016 11:56

I haven't checked LJ/DW for almost two weeks because I was without my computer for most of Christmas, but I woke up today to five email notifications of people adding me on DW and knew that something's wrong with LJ.

And as most of you have already probably heard, turns out that LJ has moved their servers to Russia. Which is a very bad thing.
rahirah has a very informative post on the subject.

Like many others, I too will move my 'permanent residence' to DW. I'll continue to read my f-list on LJ as long as there is still someone there, and will probably continue to crosspost as well, but I will be disabling comments on my posts on LJ side from my next post onwards.

I'll also renew my paid account on DW, which I let lapse a few years ago, just to support DW and to do my part to make sure that it too doesn't suddenly go poof if they run out of money.

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