[fic] Morgan: Shy Violet

May 25, 2014 14:18

[ Random: Sam/Dean ]

Title: Shy Violet
Writer: Morgan
Alternate links: SamDean Archive and Sinful Desire
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Author chose not to use warnings.
Length: 6787
Summary: Appearances can be deceptive, everyone knows that. Sam thinks that applies about twice as much to Dean, but then he’s always been better at seeing past the act when it comes to his brother.

Reccer's notes: When people talk about how you can use sex scenes to show characterisation, this is always the fic I think of. It's scorchingly hot of course, but more than that, it's an extended contemplation of Dean through Sam's eyes that touches on some things that rang true, compliant to canon and that very rarely get screentime in fic. It plays with the psychological impact of what they're doing, like it's a hot potato, and chooses to go down a different path with how they both react to it. Although the author CNTW, I'd like to offer a spoiler cut heads-up as to one piece of content that given the pairing might be needed,there's fairly graphic references to Sam being 15 when he and Dean first have sex. For me it's an example of how a fic can be so good it'll convince you of something you thought would be a dealbreaker done by anyone else. It feels real, raw and gritty, a great example of how to bounce off canon and get something new and interesting from what we've been given. It's lush and claustrophobic and Sam's thoughts and feelings come across as clear and sharp as you could want, providing us with a clear picture of him as well as Dean. When there's so much fic out there, this is one that stands out as being unusual.

[Short excerpt]In a world where everything makes sense and the psyche really is that simple, just a quick game of tick-tack-toe, Dean would be eager to please, easy to steer, effortless to read. The thing about Dean that pretty much anyone but Sam always overlooks is that all these things are true to some extent, but that’s not all there is to Sam’s brother. Each thing taken as a thing unto itself makes sense, yeah, and separate like islands, they are all the kinds of things that would be straightforward truths, if his brother was that uncomplicated.The thing about Dean that everyone misses, the girls, the guys, the hunters, the authorities, hell, even dad, is that Dean’s strongest ruling characteristic is that he is versatile. Not only that, but he’s really fucking smart about it.

c: sam winchester, fic: 5-15k, *random, *sam/dean, c: dean winchester, ^fic

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