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May 01, 2014 00:51

New month, new reccers! And we have need of reccers. You can sign up for a category by commenting on this post.

Posting access for April reccers has been removed. May reccers can start posting now.

This is our reccing team for May:

Gen: borgmama1of5
Rarepair FPF:
Other RPF:
Minor characters:
Themed: zara_zee (race/ethnicity! ( Read more... )

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boysinperil June 1 2014, 05:02:13 UTC
Still May here but no access, should I post these recs in the June open rec period?

Title: Defect / Hell, and Back / The Hunt
Writer: kikkimax
Status of work: (complete)
Characters and/or pairings: Dean, Sam, Reid, Morgan, Gideon and the rest of the CM team
Rating: gen
Warnings, kinks: canon character death
Length: 39,686 / 42,006 / 16,384

Defect: Dean is finally captured by the FBI just as his time runs out. Gen. Takes place in the SPN universe at the end of the second season and goes in a different direction than season three.

Hell, and Back: Sequel to Defect. Dean's having a little trouble adjusting after his return. Sam's going to help if it kills them both. Gen.

The Hunt: Sequel to Hell, and Back. Gideon and Morgan join Sam and Dean on the hunt for the firestarter, but the boys are injured, and Dean’s not quite over Hell.

Reccer's notes: Still May on the west coast of the US - thanks for your patience! This is the series that first got me hooked on SPN/CM crossovers. Not entirely perfect characterization, but good pre- and post-hell stories. Reid's voice is especially good.


rocksalt_mod June 1 2014, 16:27:06 UTC
*nods* Yeah, let's do it like this. I have no idea why you don't have access. You should. *kicks LJ*

I'm opening reccing for everyone. Hopefully, that'll allow you to post too. (It might have something to do with LJ. I know of someone in another comm I mod who also can't post. >:( )


boysinperil June 1 2014, 16:43:51 UTC
Awesome, thank you! I'll get started on them (or try at least, stupid LJ).


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