[fic] dishonestdreams: Choices

Jan 25, 2014 21:30

[ evil!Sam ]
Title: Choices
Writer: dishonestdreams
Alternate links: Sequel: Choices Revoked
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: evil!Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Boy-sexing, elements of abusive relationship, dub/non-con (depending on how you read it)

Length: 3,743
Summary: Not all choices are good. Sometimes there are no good choices.

Reccer's notes: Probably best know for her wonderful Black Cartel 'verse, dishonestdreams also writes some mean evil!Sam as witnessed by her master fic list. This story has such a scary cool twist that affects everything for Dean. And maybe, just maybe Dean has finally met his match.

[Short excerpt] “Dean.”

Sprawled out facedown on the bed, Dean kept his eyes closed and didn’t move. There was no point. Unresponsiveness may well piss his brother off, but that was probably actually going to be in Dean’s favour. Sam never came here to talk to him; he was only ever looking for one type of release or another and, frankly, Dean would rather bleed than fuck. Screaming for his brother was far less soul-destroying than begging for him.


He hadn’t meant this. Hadn’t wanted this when he’d stood at that lonely crossroads and kissed a demon to seal that damned deal. He just hadn’t wanted Sam to die. Couldn’t live with Sam gone. Couldn’t fight the good fight alone. He hadn’t known that it was all already over. Hadn’t realised that the Winchester role in the good fight had ended at the same moment as the last breath had crossed Sam’s lips, the fight seeping out with Sam’s blood to mingle with the rain and mud and death.

Huh, poetic. Twisted, but poetic.

“I know what you’re thinking, Dean.” The soft touch of Sam’s fingers skirted down the side of his face and round the back of his neck, coming to rest at the nape. Sam’s fingers traced meaningless patterns against his skin. At least, Dean thought they were meaningless. He hoped so. “You’re thinking that if you ignore me, I’ll end up pissed with you and then I’ll storm off and leave you alone.”

c: sam winchester, t: hell, t: dub/non-con, *sam/dean, *themed, fic: 1-5k, c: dean winchester, ^fic, t: incest

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