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Sep 21, 2013 20:25

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Title: Castiel The Motion Picture (Trailer)
Vidder: badhalo on YouTube; slinkymilinky on LJ
Alternate Versions: embedded on LJ
Length of vid: 4:40
Rating: SFW
Characters and/or pairings: Castiel, Novaks, Uriel, Dean, Alastair, Anna
Warnings, kinks & contents: None, unless extreme distress as to the fact that Castiel The Motion Picture does not actually exist. Because that pains me. Nay, it slays me. IT WOUNDS ME BEYOND THE ABILITIES OF AN ANGEL TO HEAL.
Audio used: Fred Astaire -'Cheek to Cheek' / 28 Days Later OST - 'Beginning' and 'Frank's Death' / 65daysofstatic - 'Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here'
Summary: With an angel inside you, it's kind of like being chained to a comet.

Reccer's notes: This is one of the best trailers I have ever seen, ever--and this, of course, includes real trailers for real movies that made real multi-millions. Movies that I saw in theatres, multiple times, at full price. (I've only done that for two movies in my life. But if this movie existed, I'd see it many more times than that. Hell, I'd pay to see the trailer.) This video is the perfect storm of all things Castiel, and all things S4; this video is the way I conceptualize that season; it brings out all of the fantastic implications within our canon narrative and realizes them more fully and more tenderly, aggressively, poignantly, than I can even imagine. From classic footage to a lot of great shots not often seen in vids, the composition of this is just sublime, the music choice is A+, and the dialogue interspersed throughout the trailer is perfectly chosen.

Also, it makes canon look really good. Like, really good. As a fandom, I like to think we think fairly highly of Show, in some form or another--some idealized, fannishly elevated masterwork of epic proportions and meaning. That's what this vid does--flawlessly.

Lookin' good, SPN. Lookin' DAMN good.

c: castiel, c: amelia novak, c: anna milton, t: s4, t: hell, c: alastair, t: religion, c: dean winchester, *gen, c: uriel, c: sam winchester, t: heaven, c: jimmy novak, ^vids, t: angst, c: claire novak

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