Monthly rec round-up: August

Sep 02, 2013 16:54

Here's the monthly round-up for August, sorted by category. Thanks to the fabulous August reccers! *\o/*

de_nugis, Challenges
[ art ] annartism : Ice Cream - then and now - Sam, Dean
[ fic ] killabeez : hum a few bars, we'll remember the tune - Sam, Dean
[ fic ] ghostyouknow : Shark! - Jared/Misha
[ art ] scarletscarlet : art for Shark! - ( Read more... )

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therealmccoys September 3 2013, 17:26:39 UTC
Oh, how handy! A whole bunch of cool recs in one place. I'm way behind on my reading, I only started watching Supernatural again a few weeks ago. This will give me the perfect place to start. Thanks!


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