[fic] sonofabiscuit77: Anniversary

Aug 28, 2013 16:46

[ Sam/Dean ]
Title: Anniversary
Writer: sonofabiscuit77
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Smith/Wesson
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:  [Click to read]Established relationship, mild bondage, way schmoopier than I would ever normally write the boys
Length: 6227 words
Summary: The Smith-Wessons go away for a ghost-hunting mini-break to celebrate their anniversary. Just a slice of life, domestic Smith/Wesson thing where they salt and burn the ghost, have brunch and Dean gets tied to the bed.

Reccer's notes: There are few things I love more then good domestic Smith/Wesson fic, and this is a gem. Captures a day in the life, both normal and special all at the same time (like the pairing itself). It achieves what good Smith/Wesson fic does, which is to show us that underneath it all and even in an AU world, Sam and Dean remain true to themselves and each other.

fic: 5-15k, t: s4, t: au: canon divergence, c: dean smith, ^fic, *sam/dean, c: sam wesson, t: domestic

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