[Art] weekendship: SPN as fighting game

Jul 20, 2013 22:01

[ challenges: #spnartchallenge]
Title: SPN as fighting game
Characters and/or pairings: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Meg, Crowley, Alastair, hellhound
Rating: SFW
Warnings, kinks & contents:  none
Medium: digital
Short description: static image and animated gif of what a SPN fighting game could look like

Reccer's notes: The current round of #spnartchallenge with the theme of 'SPN as video games' has yielded some amazing results and this entry is one of my favourites. Just amazingly done and I would totally play this!

c: meg (demon), c: castiel, visual rating: sfw, *challenges, c: alastair, c: crowley, art: digital, c: dean winchester, *gen, c: sam winchester, ^art, *minor character

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