[Podfic] heard_the_owl: all i wanna do is make a mess out of you

Jun 16, 2013 13:45

[ Invited Reccer: Podfic ]

Title: all i wanna do is make a mess out of you
Reader: heard-the-owl
Alternate links: post at jinjurly and link to fic
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Underage Sam (16), pot smoking,
Podfic length: 19:09
File type: both mp3 and m4b are available
Fic summary: He's got lighter fluid for blood and the taste of Dean's mouth in his. He's got Dean staring him down as if it'll change either one of their minds. He's got Dean, who's a handful of needs barely met, a lot of wants never asked for, who's push come to shove.

Reccer's notes: I eased into the SPN fandom by first listening to podfic. Before I even had this LJ account, I was really impressed by the talent in the podfic circle, and heard-the-owl was one of my very favorite readers.

She's got this excellent fluidity in her reading, with great quiet/loud and gentle/harsh voice dynamics, and when she reads the hot parts, man are they hot. This podfic showcases all of that so well, and the sound quality is excellent, and the slightly breathless way she reads in parts dovetails so perfectly with the subject matter. And, I gotta say again, it is really hot.

podfic: 0:00-0:20 hr, t: pre-series, c: dean winchester, t: first times, t: incest, c: sam winchester, ^podfics, audio format: mp3, *sam/dean, audio format: m4b, *invited reccer, t: underage

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