[Fic] anon: Winds Out of the Southwest

Apr 24, 2013 20:59

[ Random: Gen ]
Title: Winds Out of the Southwest
Writer: anon
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean, Sam
Rating: FRM [reccer's rating]
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]Hell themes, bleakness, illness
Length: 4 comments (that is, short-ish)
Summary: Written for a Dean h/c comment meme, Dean has PTSD issues in an S4 AU

Reccer's notes: I love fic about Dean's hell issues and this one written for one of hoodie-time's comment memes is one of my favourites. It's an alternate take on S4, very raw and tense and sad. If you like this kind of hurty fic, give it a go!

[Short excerpt]The weather channel has never been more interesting.

And yeah, part of that is the sixty-six seals breaking in slow, inexorable succession across the country, popping up in the form of tiny thundercloud icons on the green-swirled map. Dean's getting a certain sour amusement from the bewilderment of the weathercasters, who are trying their hardest to explain this unusually active tornado season (so far they've come up with a load of big fat stinking nothing, but at least it's fun watching them fumble). It's become almost a sick sort of game, tracking the progress of heaven's utter fuck-uppery as it travels from Montana, down through Arizona, then veers out to West Virginia for one freakin' fantastic coal-mine fire.

c: sam winchester, c: alastair, *random, t: hurt/comfort, fic: 1-5k, c: dean winchester, *gen, ^fic

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