[Fic] stripysockette: No Choice in the Matter

Apr 20, 2013 15:59

[ J2 ]
Title: No Choice in the Matter
Writer: stripysockette
Alternate links: at AO3
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]hate-sex, A/B/O, dub-con
Length: 30k
Summary: Bonded to someone he loathes, Jared has to navigate a path he never expected to follow, and to fight against something he has no choice in.

Reccer's notes: I love this alpha/beta/omega fic for how it subverts the mating/soul-bonding trope. Jared and Jensen loathe each other, but biology overrules all, and now they have to figure out how to live with each other. The author definitely does not let them off easy, here - the sex they have only confuses the issue while their biology keeps on making things even harder for them. The ending, when we get to it, feels honest and earned.

(Note: This is a sequel to the short fic Intolerable Cruelty, which you may want to read first.)

c: jensen ackles, t: body horror, t: a/b/o, *jared/jensen, ^fic, t: dub/non-con, fic: 15-50k, c: jared padalecki

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