[other fanwork] loveholic198: He Can't Know

Nov 27, 2013 15:27

[ Het ]
Title: He Can't Know
Type: GIF triptych
Characters and/or Pairing: Meg/Castiel
Rating: G
Warnings, kinks & contents: None.
Description: He can't know. Unseen, Meg watches Castiel live out his life at the convenience store. 8x17 Meg Lives AU / set around 9x06

Reccer's notes: Okay, so I guess it's a bit odd to rec a gifset (and mods, I wasn't sure if this was a graphic or other, since there wasn't actually any editing involved besides clipping/GIF-ifying?), I don't know, but this one just tells such a story, and is heartbreaking beyond imagination. Meg's tragic voyeurism here, and her expression of pining (borrowed from one of Rachel Miner's other roles), is perfect. The triptych does a phenomenal job of emphasizing that feeling all too familiar to the characters of SPN: I wish, with all my being, that things had gone differently.

c: meg (demon), c: castiel, t: s8, *het, t: au: canon divergence, p: castiel/meg, t: s9, t: angst, ^other

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