[fic] chiiyo86: Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here

Nov 27, 2013 21:17

[ gen ]
Title: Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
Writer: chiiyo86
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Ben Braeden/Claire Novak/Jesse Turner; Dean, Castiel, Meg, Sam, Crowley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:  [Click to read]Language, sex.
Length: 57k words
Summary: Ben Braeden thought he had a pretty good life, all things considered - maybe the girl he loved didn’t love him back, maybe his nights were plagued with dreams he didn’t understand, but he had a roof over his head, his best friends and the California sun. Things certainly could have been worse. Then his world was turned upside down with rapid-fire revelations of demons, angels, and secrets in his past he hadn't been aware of. But even after all that, there was still some consolation to be found in falling in love again, in the most unexpected way. AU from the middle of season 7.

Reccer's notes: Utterly fantastic. Ben and Claire and Jessy come alive on the page, and this fic is everything I never knew I wanted for them. They fit perfectly into the verse that springboards from canon, and even though Dean and Sam and Cas are hardly in the it, it still manages to feel like a Supernatural fic through and through while also being it's own thing. A prime example for both canon AUs and use of minor characters done right.

t: au: canon divergence, c: ben braeden, c: jesse turner, ^fic, fic: 50-100k, t: polyamory, t: s7, *random, c: claire novak

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