[fic] Scribeoz: The Bleeding Walls

Nov 25, 2013 22:02

[ Crossover (w / Buffy) ]

Title: The Bleeding Walls
Writer: Scribeoz
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Buffy/Dean, pre Faith/Sam
Rating: NC-17 (only one scene, with a warning where it starts, otherwise R)
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]het, violence
Length: 84K
Summary: Ten years after Sunnydale's demise, Buffy Summers has retired to the town of Lawrence, Kansas, trying to lead a normal life. However a chance encounter with the Winchesters reveal that the world Buffy thought she knew had been irrevocably altered by Glory

Reccer's notes: An interesting case, a mix of romance and horror and the way the two universes are combined is certainly unique, explaining all the differences of the verses. Timeline: For the Buffyverse 10 years after the show, the comics didn't happen, for Supernatural Season 8.

[Short excerpt]“How come I’ve never heard of this?” She demanded, her tone almost accusatory.
“They’re very rare Buffy,” Giles huffed. “There’s been only one or two reported cases. You say these men were aware of it?”
“Not just aware of it,” she retorted. “They sounded like they’d come across them before.”
“Hmm…” Giles said in a tone she knew all too well. “If you’re willing to come out of retirement, it might be worth investigating who these men are.” He suggested.
“Oh I’m already on it,” Buffy replied. “I’m meeting one of them for drinks tonight.”
She could hear his disapproval over the phone. “Relax Giles, he thinks I’m some cute blond who finds he’s hot. I’m just doing it to get more information. I’ve handled vampires, gods and cyber monsters, I think can handle one cute guy in a leather jacket.”
“Oh really?” Giles retorted. “I seem to recall….”
“I’m hanging up Giles,” she said shortly and did just that.

fic: 50-100k, c: dean winchester, *crossovers

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