[art] griseldajane: Art for 'Dreams of War and Liars'

Nov 16, 2013 15:37

[ Challenges: J2-SPN Big Bang ]
Title: Art for 'Dreams of War and Liars' (I just found out her journal is friends-locked, so this link will provide both the art and the fic attached to it. I have not read the fic, though.)
Artist: griseldajane
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean, Alistair, Pamela
Rating: PG-13 (my opinion)
Warnings, kinks & contents: SFW, one piece with Sam and Dean in bed but it's from the neck up and they're not doing anything naughty.
Medium: digital
Short description: Art for a 2009 spn-j2-bigbang

Reccer's notes: Great energy and dynamic color, and a sort of simple sweetness to the B&W image that just melts me. Wish the artist was still in our fandom, but do take a peek at her other goodies! They're delicious too.

c: sam winchester, c: pamela barnes, ^art, c: alastair, art: digital, *sam/dean, c: dean winchester

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