the good and bad of don brooks....

Jun 02, 2004 18:31

ok, well, hello everyone. it's me again. this week has been pretty cool actually. the weekend was nice and relaxing. monday rocked ass!!! hehe....that's for you j.!! on monday i worked some overtime at the highland facility. so yeah, since it was memorial day, i was getting paid $20 an hour!!! so yeah that as good, even though that money will be soooo gone, like monica, well, like monica from j. records since freakin' clive davis dropped her from the label...*tear* anywho, she's rich, so back to me. yeah, i have major bills coming up, but i trust in god that he'll guide me through and get me on my feet. he always does. lol. yeah, so after work i stopped by rachel and teresa's house, (a.k.a. "the lesbians") it's really their official title. they are so cute, and so in love. i hope i find that someday. yeah, so all day long for some reason i was like, " i reeeeaally wanna go to casino morongo" i never want to go there, but i went , just because you should never avoid intuition. so i went, for like my 3rd time in 3 next thing i know i'm on the phone with j. and lo and behold i won 93 bucks off 6 bucks!!!! how freakin' cool is that?!! i guess i'm a really lucky person when i think about it. i like to consider it blessed though. well, yesterday was cool, i watched "the simple life" dvd that i bought, and yes, that is my new favorite dvd!!! i'm lovin' it. it gives me that same feeling that i get after watching "clueless" or "batman returns", and everyone knows those are my two favorite movies of all time!!! hehe. so yeah, it's funny, i hope i didn't wake my neighbors laughing so much last night. well, i went and applied at a bunch of places in the mall yesterday, so that was cool. well i actually only got applications, but i'm turning them in on friday. today was ok, nothing too good, nothing too bad, but i am a lil saddened. yesterday i called lisa, a girl and really good friend i used to work with to tell her that she's invited to my birthday dinner on friday at t.g.i. friday's. so she picks up and i'm all, "hey it's don!!!" and she's all, "heeeey, i'm gonna have to call you back" all bitchy and sarcastic. then she calls back ,and i tell her that she's invited, and she's all, " oh yeah it is that time isn't it?" and said that i didn't have a car for a while and i've been working tons of overtime , but i still have her aerosmith cd i bought her like a month and a half ago for her going away party. and she's all, " oh, well i already bought it since i never heard from you or anything" she didn't sound the same, she sounded, like, bitchy and sarcastic, like she was doing a favor for me by talking to her. it's like when someone gets promoted and they talk down to you, or make it appear that they think they're better than you. that's the vibe i was getting. so the last thing she said was, "well happy b day ....if i don't see you by then" i'm like, ok, i'm the king of fake, and that was fake!!!! so yeah, that was a bit disappointing. but oh well, people are people. and also, i think i'm going to end up cancelling my birthday dinner, cos everyone seems to have "something else" to do, it's sad. like, i know that people have other plans and stuff, but i don't know, i guess since i never really do anything that stays concrete, i'm just used to dropping what i'm doing and doing stuff for other people. so i dunno, i don't want to be the only one at my birthday dinner, so i think i'm just going to cancel it altogether. i'm still stoked about the club tomorrow night though, that should be fun!!! i'm just hoping that people show up to that....geez, i really don't have many friends do i? hehe, oh well, i don't care if i'm the only person dancing there, i'm gonna have fun on my 21st birthday, it's mine, i'm special, and dammit, i'm worth it!!! hehe. so anyways, yes, that is the good and bad of don brooks......week
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