fucking people....men are sooo stupid.......

May 27, 2004 20:13

why is it that everyone has an opinion about me and how i should live my life? i'm like, i work my ass off, pay for everything, and now i'm looking for a second job and it seems that i have a bunch of people saying shit to me? i'm not here to please people, i'm here to survive for myself. i've just come to the conclusion that men are fucking idiots. i know, i know, i am one of them, i know, i just think that i'm one of the few normal ones. this guy i'm talking to says , i'm not making enough money because, "i don't want to make enough money". oh , i'm soo fucking sorry that everytime my boss calls and says, "don can you work..." that i'm there. that i fucking haven't had a 2 day weekend in a month, and that i've been pulling 12 hour shifts 2 days every week for the last 3 weeks. i can't force people to give me a raise or anything. so tonight i'm going at 1am to see if i want to throw newspapers. cos right now it's extra money, money that i need. i'm also applying at denny's for an evening position. then i'm trying to be a friend to this guy who just moved down here, and i've been seriously broke the past week, cos i just put my whole paycheck down on a car. so i haven't had the luxury of going out and hanging with him. so last night he's all, hey let's hang out tomorrow, so i'm like ok. so i brought my car to the dealership and i text him saying hey, i'll be home at 7, you can meet me there if you want. cos he wanted to go to a club. then he flips out and says he's tired of begging to hang out with me, and that i have too many excuses. any of you guys who know me knows that i don't stand for anyone telling me off for no apparent reason, so i'm like, " call inland auto center, say you're don brooks and you want to know if your maroon nissan sentra is ready yet." then i gave him the number to call, then he's all, thats ok, i'm just tired of these games. so i'm like, men are fucking idiots, i'm tired of their opinions of me, and unless someone's gonna give me money or help me pay my bills, i don't need a course on how to run my life. anyways, for those of you who aren't pissing me off, i miss you, love you and hope to see you soon.....love.....me. i'm over it....lol
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