well, i'm home again....

May 09, 2004 14:31

well, hello friends, it's me again. let's see, what's going on? well, i went to work at 9am this morning to do some overtime just to find out that i didn't need to be there cos the new girl was going to be alone. i had already driven 20 minutes and wasted gas, so i just stayed there half day and chilled. it was so nice actually, it was absolutely dead, so the tech, the new girl and i just sat around talking and having fun. then i left, bought some laundry supplies and just got in. i'm gonna try to stop drinking soda, *tear*. i've decided it's too much. i drink absolutely no water at all, and i got through...no lie, 36-48 sodas in a 7 day period, so yeah, time to quit. i'm sure it won't last, but hey, i'm always up for a challenge. well, i'm sooooo fucking through with that stupid ass britney_fans community. i simply stated an opinion, and then got some feedback, some negative, some possitive, which was cool, i like getting feedback regardless. then these creepy psychos start sending me these stupid comments basically just bashing me, and then, get this, there's actually a duo of them against me and other "stupid" people. lordy, when will these freaks get a life...lol. anyways, yeah as of today i officially removed myself from that chaos and have just decided to let their community keep sucking ass...lol. i did, however, meet some cool people through it and they are now added to my friends list (katie & jenny). these girls were too cool and just were there with me the whole time. they rock!!! lol. well paris and i are great again, we had a looooong conversation about us and everything, and yeah, it's all gravy. he's so freakin' adorable...hehe. i miss jason, amber and mom, sigh. and now i'm missing my own mother too, i dunno, just feeling kinda lonely, yet enjoying the quiet also. well, i'm off to clean my wonderful apartment which i have been taking pics of on my new phone...lol. so i'll hit you guys up later. luv y'all....me.
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