here i am again.....

Apr 23, 2004 10:05

well, this past week has been interesting. work was good. i got a day off on thursday cos i was parked illegally apparently and got caught, yes, my work has parking rules, more like commandments. oh well, it was fun and i've worked enough overtime to replace the lost cash and still have a fat check, so joke's on anyways, my car's been overheating and such, and that really sucks. i just went to replace the thermostat, cos that's the only thing i can think that's wrong with it, and i can't get this one fucking nut off. i'm so irritated, everytime i go to do something to my car, it's always one fucking screw, or nut or something i can't get off. and then i had my first encounter with a bitchy neighbor. she lives in the complex next to me, not anywhere in the little foursome i live in. she's trying to get in, and i'm flagging her to go ahead, she's not going to hit my car, and she just slowly pulls in. then she's like, " hey guy, you're parked to close, you see the lines, you're on them" i'm thinking, bitch, you made it in, just open your door, you're driving a ford contour, not a benz. anyways, yeah, so i had to rush, put my car back together, and move over like 2 inches . then she stares and the coolant on the ground and is like, "oh oil, oh no, you should not be doing this" so now i'm really fed up. but being the quick-witted gemini i am, i just responded with an , oh i know, i was overheating and it started to leak, i'm trying to figure out why. she's this little fucking asian woman, nothing against any little asian women, but she's a bitchy one. ugh, sorry. anywho, i'm supposed to be going to s.d. with kyle tonight, but i'm feeling kinda headachish, so i don't know. anyways, i got my hair cut by my wonderful hair stylist, sharana. and now's the weekend. and just when i thought i didn't have any overtime, my boss calls me and let's me know that i'll be training a new girl this sunday when i work, so let her do all the work mostly so she can get a feel for it. which i was soooo happy about, cos i wanted some more o.t. on this next paycheck and didn't think i'd have any. but yeah i played it off as if i knew i was supposed to be working, they didn't even tell me i was supposed to anyways, i'm off now to just sit around and ponder how i'm going to get this fucking nut off my car. oh well, i'll figure something out, i always do. luv y'all.....late.
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