Pinch away, Pinch Hitters!

May 06, 2014 17:50

Remaining are pinch hits ##19 and #20. Not bad!

If you can't do a full pinch, or just can't write in these fandoms, don't forget you can pass the hours waiting for the archive to open by writing treats for anyone!

Here are the pinches. Please email aphrodite.mine at gmail dot com with the number of pinch you want, your AO3 account, and the date by which you can likely have the story completed & posted.

#19 - Samurai Flamenco, Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revoltionary Girl Utena, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Request 1 by himemiya

Samurai Flamenco

Maya Mari
Morita Moe
Misawa Mizuki


Just anything involving these three women is great!! Poly
relationship, gen...maybe backstory as to how they became idols??

Request 2 by himemiya

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena

Kiryuu Nanami
Kaoru Kozue
Shinohara Wakaba


At this point, pairing fic including any combination of these three
(esp. Nanami/Kozue) would be appreciated, but gen is fine too! Just no
manga canon.

Request 3 by himemiya

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Akagi Ritsuko
Katsuragi Misato
Horaki Hikari

If anyone does do Hikari, I really do ship Hikari/Asuka, if they'd be
willing to write that. I'm also interested in seeing stories from
Ritsuko and Misato's college days!

#20 - In the Flesh, Warm Bodies, Supernatural, Grimm, Teen Wolf

Request 1 by liliaeth

In the Flesh (TV)

Jemima Walker
Amy Dyer
Janet Macy
Sue Walker
Shirley Wilson


I love all the characters on this show, and all the potential storylines.
Whether it's the mothers dealing with their children dying or coming
back from the dead, whether it's any of them living through the zombie
apocalypse and then finding out that there's a cure.

Or just them dealing with life after the three aired eps.

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Request 2 by liliaeth

Warm Bodies - All Media Types

Julie Grigio
Nora Greene


I'm especially interested in what happens to the characters after the
movie (or the book) is over

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Request 3 by liliaeth


Emma (Supernatural)
Nancy Fitzgerald
Linda Tran
Naomi (Supernatural)
Claire Novak
Cassie Robinson
Missouri Moseley
Tessa (Supernatural)
Jody Mills
Tamara (Supernatural)


outside pov, different perspectives, characters actually surviving...

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Request 4 by liliaeth

Grimm (TV)

Juliette Silverton
Marie Kessler
Kelly Burkhardt


I love anything to do with the Grimm mythos, or the character's sense
of purpose in the story

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Request 5 by liliaeth

Teen Wolf (TV)

Kira Yukimura
Erica Reyes (Teen Wolf)

Female char wise I'm easy, but I have to request two things, one my
fave char on the show is Scott McCall, without a doubt. So please no
bashing him. Two, I'm not a fan of Stiles, and Sterek is a NOTP, so
please no reference to it.

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pinch hits

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