Status update: pinch hits and archive

May 05, 2014 22:30

There were... quite a few last minute defaulters/no-call-no-shows, so we have a series of pinch hits going out. I'm actually sending them out right before I go to bed, so don't expect a reply until around 10AM CST tomorrow (assuming my phone email works while I'm on break).

After 24 hours (tomorrow at this time), I'll post any unclaimed pinches here for the taking.


If you have uploaded your story (THANK YOU) here's a short list of things to consider:
-- the archive will go live no earlier than, but possibly ON May 10th. Any edits/beta work/massive overhauls should be complete AS FAR AHEAD OF THAT DATE AS POSSIBLE to avoid an incomplete/sloppy story going live. Think how you would feel if your gift ended mid-sentence! We *will* post here a few hours before hitting go, but that won't give you much time even IF you happen to be watching your LJ feed.
-- do you have your story saved as a Draft, rather than Published? CHANGE IT. Your recipient will NOT be able to read your fic if it isn't published! You will be counted as a defaulter and we'll need a last-last minute pinch. Please don't do that -- your fic is ALREADY UP!

If you were granted an extension/have a later due date for a pinch, these notes are for you:
-- please (PRETTY PLEASE) keep me (aphrodite.mine at gmail dot com) updated on your progress. If you think you may need another day, LET ME KNOW. If you come down with the stomach flu and won't be able to finish, LET ME KNOW. The sooner we know of issues, the sooner we can fix them.
-- If it means a story for everyone, we will delay opening the archive. But remember, EVERYONE will be waiting, even you. So take a break to walk around the house, eat a protein bar, and power write! (Kidding, I'm kidding. But also not.)

If you still need a beta and can't find one elsewhere, please email me! I will send the request out to our beta volunteers, and even read it over for you if there's no response!


In summation, take a moment to double-check that your story is 100% a-okay, have a great night, and start counting down to a beautiful archive full of stories about rarewomen of all sorts!

pinch hits, admin

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