Nominations are closed!

Feb 09, 2014 14:48

We now enter "mod busting butt" mode and sort through anything that hasn't been approved yet.

Please refrain from emailing/commenting concerns until after this period.

There are, at current, a few major issues that we'll need to work on. A few reminders while we work:

3) What would render a character ineligible?
-- If the character is a genderswitch/always-a-girl version of a character without her own canon, that character is ineligible
-- If the character actively refuses to self-identify with a gender, we will not arbitrarily assign them one. That character is ineligible.
-- Per #1, if the character generates GREATER than 500 hits on AO3 or 200 hits on

(So if your nomination has, in fact, been mistakenly cut from the tag set, take note and be ready to reply when we ask for issues! Or if we, out of unfamiliarity with the fandom, have let a character through who should be INeligible through, note that too!)

6) How will characters who pop up in multiple canons be treated?
Ah, mega-fandoms. This is an issue not easily solved without some arbitrary decisions. Like last year, we'll allow a character to appear in iterations of a fandom that take place in different mediums. Television, movies, comics, radio, cartoons… even with the same-ish canon and same-ish cast, these would all count as separate fandoms.

We'll also, within reason, allow fandom subsets. Titles like Alias, Runaways, and Young Avengers obviously take place within the larger MCU Comicverse, but contain their own universe to such an extent that they can exist on their own.

Nominate characters on the basis of what you would like to write and read. We may end up making changes with where the character is filed, but no character that falls within eligibility will be eliminated. Last year's mostly-catch-all MCU Comicverse and DCU Comicverse seem to be a feasible solution, so don't be surprised to see something similar this year.

(Right now we have several occurances of duplicate characters. Titles with only one or two nominations will probably be absorbed into a larger catch-all fandom to avoid missed matches.)

Thanks in advance for your patience!

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