Nominations for 2014 Exchange go live NOW

Jan 30, 2014 23:15

From today (about an hour early, depending on where you are) to February 8th, nominations are open!

Nominate fandoms and rare women in them here for our AO3 tag set. Please see the nominations discussion post for any remaining questions -- I think anything asked so far has an answer, but ping us if there is a potential issue.

Remember to read over the FAQ about eligibility. We'll have a 'quality check' period before sign-ups, but it is always easier to catch these things early. After about 24 hours, prozacpark and I will begin approving nominations, and once you've been approved or declined you cannot re-nom, so choose wisely! (Check numbers first!)

If you are so inclined, feel free to use this spreadsheet to declare what you've nominated. That way, people can optimize their slots!

Please continue any discussion over at the nomination discussion post, as comments here are closed.

Again, the link to nominate is --> <-- here!

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