Nominations clean up: the Comics Conundrum!

Feb 13, 2013 20:45

Hopefully all of the nominations have been fixed aside from any issue caused by multiple tag associations (this happens when a character, say "Cassie Lang", is nominated under a particular category [Young Avengers] and already has tagged associations within the archive in other categories [Marvel 616, etc]).

What does that mean? Right now we have a tag set with about 50 characters who show up in more than one category when they were only nominated in one.

What can we do about it? We have two options. We can:

1) Leave things as-is, and allow participants to offer/request based on your own preferences. Yes, this would create a loophole where you could request Stephanie Brown three times. This would also potentially create missed matches: if participant A requests Sif in Fandom X and Participant B offers Sif in Fandom Y, we don't have a match.

2) Eliminate smaller sub-fandoms and leave larger fandoms intact. Yes, this might lower the probability of the use of "Any" (however, if we do this, we'll remove the upper limit on offers so that you'll be able to offer as many as possible!) To choose this option, we would need assurance that those planning to offer and request within the larger fandom are familiar with a bulk of the characters and that the nominator is willing to forgo their nomination in favor of the larger fandom.

Please discuss. Again, we hope to have some sort of concrete answer in about 24 hours. In the absence of a clear answer, no change will be made. [[If you still have issues that don't pertain to multiple tag associations, please reply in the previous nominations post!]]

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