Nominating multiverse fandoms like Comics and World Mythologies

Feb 02, 2013 18:45

Since comics and mythologies tend to be vast fandoms encompassing hundreds of characters, we're going to divide them up, as we did last year. This way, the more obscure women don't get lost among the more popular ones.

Greek and other world mythologies

Greek Mythology is going to be divided into general Greek Mythology (nominate it as it comes up on AO3), which will encompass the general myths of gods and heroes that do not fit under any larger myth cycle.

Nominate any Trojan War Cycle characters (this will include the actual Trojan War myths as well as any myths leading to the war, and following the consequences of the war directly) under Greek Mythology - Trojan War Cycle. Do the same with any other major myth cycle, such as the House of Atreus myths of the myths related to the Voyage of the Argo, etc.

Nominate any other related texts by themselves, as separate fandoms. Such as Aeschylus' Oresteia or Virgil's Aeneid or any other books or plays based on mythologhy. When you post your fics, you can still tag them as Greek Mythology, but for nominations and requests, narrow it down for ease of requesting/offering. That way, we don't have one large fandom with 20+ characters.

I am not as familiar with other mythologies, but if you can, follow this same format for those. So divide up the myths of the Mahabharata from the Ramayana in Hindu Mythology, for instance, while nominating something like "Sita Sings the Blues" as its own category.

Comics - Marvel and DC

The comics are a bit more complicated. Use Marvel or DC comics for characters that don't really belong to a team or a title by themselves. Otherwise, nominate them for the title they're most associated with. So you can nominate Jessica Jones for general Marvel comics, if you're going to nominate other women from Marvel comics, or nominate her under her own title of Alias, if you have enough women to nominate there.

In general, for comics, try to nominate by the title if there is one. Use this format: Marvel Comics - Avengers or DC Comics - Batverse, etc. That way, all the Marvel and DC nominations come up together on the scroll down menu, making it easier to offer/request those characters.

Anything you miss will be corrected in nominations edits. So say you nominate Jessica Jones and Rachel Summers for Marvel Comics, but someone else nominates Marvel Comics - X-men and Marvel Comics - Alias, both Jessica Jones and Rachel Summers will then be placed in the narrower categories. But only if X-men and Alias are nominated.

I hope this makes sense, but if you have questions, we'll be happy to answer them here.

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