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Feb 07, 2014 17:41

Обнаружил, что неизвестные доброжелатели перевели мою статью «Государство из царской пробирки» на английский язык:

Igor Pykhalov: State of the tubes

What kind of a country in which "all the Russian foreign to, of all things Russian are hostile? It is enough to be Russian to continually meet oppression, falsehood and malice, if not the entire population, then the entire intelligentsia, without exception. " In this country, "Russian, like foreigners, deprived of political rights, because they can not elect members of a diet, do not participate in it. Russian denied access to military, civil and spiritual service. Russian living in the province, are taxed for the benefit of the community, but still denied the right to vote in the urban and rural community gatherings. " In this country, Russian children have opportunities to learn their mother tongue. Finally, in this country solemnly opened monuments glorifying the victory of local armed groups over the Russian troops.

The modern reader may think I'm describing one of today's small but proud Baltic "states". No, it's the Grand Duchy of Finland, part of the Russian Empire. And the quotes are taken from the works of P.I.Messarosha respectively (Finland - Russian state or suburb? St. Petersburg., 1897. C.2) and MM Borodkina (A Short History of Finland. St. Petersburg., 1911. P.161), published long before the birth and destruction of the USSR.

In the "prison of nations"

It is known that Alexander I of Russia left a legacy of two misunderstandings in the form of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Finland. Poles thanked the two uprisings (1830-1831 and in 1863-1864.) And as a result lost its special status. In contrast to the arrogant nobility, slow and prudent Finns from time to time were quiet. Therefore, they have not only preserved the old privileges, but also gained a lot of new concessions. "The Reign of Emperor Alexander II was a true celebration of the separatist movement in Finland. Restrained firm hand of Emperor Nicholas I, but not destroyed it, it almost from the first days of the new reign loudly announced its existence "(PI Messarosh Ibid. P.25).

Целиком перевод можно прочитать здесь: http://survincity.com/2013/12/igor-pykhalov-state-of-the-tubes/

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