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May 08, 2016 16:26

I haven't been around because I moved this week and my internet has only been up and running for about two hours.

Without usual home entertainment, I've been rewatching old S2/3 West Wing DVDs, which is a weird thing to be doing right now. The more time passes, the more the Nice Republicans and their Different Perspective on Truth, Justice, and the American Way makes me go cross-eyed with frustration. Like. Can you imagine RL Republicans handling[Spoiler (click to open)]the accident and the MS disclosure happening on top of each other like that? They'd have spent the rest of his term trying to frame Ellie for the hit-and-run.

But! I have been writing about real politics a bit? So if anyone wants to read about progressive problems I have with Bernie Sanders (reproductive rights - campaign finance - campaign tactics - BSG parallels because naturally), or just to jaw about the election a little, here's a thread.

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