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pocochina March 27 2014, 18:16:32 UTC

I think it may also be a factor that Stefan's been encouraging unhealthy suppression in Caroline herself for a long time now (which is why I'm not entirely convinced that his behavior re: Tyler is entirely about deflection, it seems to me to be a continuation of Stefan's MO since S2...)?

Not entirely deflection, any more than Caroline's or Tyler's response to the whole thing is entirely about Klaus? It's just felt more forceful to me than it used to, though that might just be Caroline spending more time with Stefan lately.

I…actually appreciated the narrative giving Tyler room to consciously recognize and vocalize his trauma over a stretch of episodes? I feel less constrained watching him compared to many others on the show, and I wondered if that's one of the very reasons why the possibility of unhealthy suppression is so apparent, rather than it being such a given that it goes unnoticed or excites less concern.

I'd agree with that, actually, I think it's really effective writing, but....effective in GETTING TO ME, AAAAAH. I think it's serving both characters very well in letting them be sympathetic and kind of nasty at the same time.


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