December talking meme: 12/8 & 12/10

Dec 11, 2013 21:09


As much as I like Mad Men, it’s not a show I seem to have ~deep thoughts about, and so I don’t think I have an ideal ending in mind for anyone. I think what has the most potential for me, strangely enough, is Don’s character arc. I disliked him so much for so long, but when I really started to come around toward the end of S6, I could absolutely see how those developments fit in with everything that had aggravated me so much before. He’s never going to be a *good* person, but he just might become a real boy, and that is pretty great too.

I don’t even care how, so much, I just want to see Don make some progress. There’s this weird fetishized fatalism I see in a lot of Mad Men conversations, about how Don ~never breaks free of his cycles, how ~he can never change. Up until the S6 finale, when has Don ever actually tried to change? I don’t think he has.

I think I would be most pleased with seeing Betty find her own footing a little bit.

Be funny if it ended with the ban on smoking on television in ’71, though. Nothing left to see here!

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