SPN 9x8

Nov 27, 2013 21:26

Ten points to Ravenclaw* for the mention of “that hippie from Bethlehem,” though. I mean, it was a fun line, but also surprisingly subversive, that a pagan god takes issue with Christ for encouraging sexual permissiveness while using the sexual hang-ups of mainstream Protestantism to find her prey. snerk.

*just guessing. based on the Clever Trolling ( Read more... )

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kalliel November 28 2013, 05:35:24 UTC
I just wanted to let you know that I think you've sold me on Sam/Jody as a post-series ship, and it only took about a paragraph. *_____* And now I won't ever stop wanting it ( ... )


pocochina November 28 2013, 06:29:54 UTC
I just wanted to let you know that I think you've sold me on Sam/Jody as a post-series ship, and it only took about a paragraph

Because it so works, right?! They'd be so good together! ONLY THE BEST FOR MY BABY, lol.

I've seen Suzy read both ways, both in terms of 'wow that was kind of not alright guys' and in terms of 'that was totally all right!'

Yeah, I've seen people who are VERY UPSET and people who legit don't see the problem. I don't...necessarily have a problem with stories that examine negotiated consent like I think this was? even if I'm not sure it was responsibly handled here. I think making things taboo until they can be done entirely satisfactorily is dangerous. I think we can acknowledge that Suzy seems to have been actively participating and consenting AND ALSO that Dean was boundary-pushing in a way that we should not encourage. But I get that watching sexual boundary-pushing can be triggery for people and I do respect that.

whether Sam's malaise here was a new thing, because like, did I miss it before, or what?I ( ... )


kalliel November 28 2013, 06:52:44 UTC
I actually went and looked up how far away Sioux Falls was from Lebanon. Only 330 miles! Factor in Winchester driving, and the fact that like 300 of those miles are in Nebraska, Sam could totally dash up for coffee and/or other drinks with Jody now and again, to catch up. Any time it appears as though a reasonable amount of time has passed between episodes, this is what I will assumed happened. I mean, if Kevin got to go to Missouri, Sam can totally take a day trip up north!

I want there to be fallout and setbacks and drawn-out power struggles.



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