SPN 9x1

Oct 09, 2013 23:58

Sam’s dreamscape

We rarely seen Dean from Sam’s POV - the only time I can think of is the hallucination in Levee, where head!Dean was basically saying what actual Dean was saying. Sam thinks of Dean as his survival instinct, yes, but also, Sam’s subconscious pictures Dean whaling on him. (Sam also doesn’t see himself as being in control of his ( Read more... )

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pocochina October 10 2013, 06:09:51 UTC
it's like seeing someone who wants to kill themselves and doing everything within their power to stop it because they think that decision isn't being made with a clear view

Yes, exactly. I mean, Dean knew what he was doing was majorly fucked up - if he didn't, he wouldn't have tap-danced around getting the technical "yes," he would've laid it out for Sam - and I'm not about to defend this pattern of behavior. But if Sam didn't really, really want to live, he wouldn't have gone with Dean no questions asked based on such mature and cogent arguments as "SAM THERE'S A THING PLEASE DO THE THING!!!"

Again, the fact that Dean was obscuring THE THING at all means that he knows he was playing fast and loose. And his agreement not to tell Sam right away - and acto [Spoiler (click to open)]is going to be going on for at least a few more episodes - is a lot less questionable. Dean has the time now to present a case so Sam can make his own informed decision, or he will very shortly, and he has chosen not to, which is Very Bad ( ... )


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