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Feb 20, 2012 21:22

I really want an excuse for my obsessive viewing this weekend that sounds a little cooler than "I've spent the last three days in bed being by turns hyperemotional and unconscious and incapable of anything more strenuous than clicking the 'next episode' button" but waaaaah, this cold. No, sometimes I emerge for soup and juice and tylenol, because I ( Read more... )

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goldenusagi February 21 2012, 02:31:47 UTC
I've been kind of hoping the trickster would show up again but I didn't think it would be in such a gutwrenching episode

Mystery Spot!! I love how this episode is like crack followed by horrible angst, all in one package. I <3 the Trickster. Most people hope he shows up again, lol.

BTW, what I was talking about earlier, about demons possessing people (women)-- Now we know that demons used to be human, so I guess they usually identify with one sex or the other. Even if they are some larger force now, they all started as human.


pocochina February 21 2012, 02:38:04 UTC
I like the trickster SO MUCH, I hope he NEVER DIES.


goldenusagi February 21 2012, 02:47:52 UTC
EVERYONE LOVES HIM. Well, okay, I'm sure some people are indifferent to him, but he's quite awesome ( ... )


snickfic February 21 2012, 02:58:27 UTC
Also, there's the interesting fact that the Trickster is the only MotW on SPN who walks unkilled at the end of his ep (S2).

Although that's not quite true anymore. Even if you're not counting Lenore, there's the one married couple from this season. Who also survive by being Just That Awesome.


angearia February 21 2012, 02:32:45 UTC
Hey yo!

(I skipped a few of the episodes that apparently weren't great? So if anything important happened in 3x1, 3x6, 3x8, or 3x14, eh.)?

Awww you skipped the Xmas episode! I actually enjoyed 3x1 and 3x8. I wouldn't say they're stellar (like 2x1 is my favorite and that's stellar), but then there are few episodes I'd say are stellar...? But I felt like 3x1 and 3x8 were better than a number of the Season 2 episodes still. I dunno, I just found them enjoyable, maybe because I don't really care about the MOW plot most of the time and I just watch for the brothers -- yet these two episodes were actually engaging in MOW shenanigans. But the Xmas episode is really great for the Sam-Dean of it all.

And I'm going to unchain myself from my desk full of textbooks and go watch more of Season 3 now. :)


pocochina February 21 2012, 02:39:34 UTC
ah, yeah, I shouldn't have lumped 3x8 in like that, I don't know how well-regarded or not it is by the viewership, but Christmas stuff can really upset me and I just didn't have the energy for it this weekend.

(are you watching it now too?! yay!)


percysowner October 7 2012, 14:35:15 UTC
The Christmas one is a great episode. It certainly hits the John is a horrible father meme once again. It has some great wee Sam and Dean moments. Like I said I'm doing this in chronological order, so you may have gone back and watched, but if not this one really is worth it.


snickfic February 21 2012, 03:06:19 UTC
I agree with all your thoughts. I had a huge ranty post of my own about the show's use of virginity in that ep, with a whole other set of complaints. And yes, the misogynistic language takes a real turn for the worse this season.

Also, yes SAM SEASON. This is the season where I really started getting invested in his character. Basically, I like him best when he's going dark, which is part of the sheer brilliance of Mystery Spot - the bright lights and jokiness of the deaths combined with their effect on Sam. *shivers*

I would agree, too, about the religious faith questions getting mangled, although I liked Sin City quite a bit, the idea of demons being around more to encourage humans to go bad than to, yanno, run around slaughtering people like all the other monsters do. Actually, now that I say that, I'm trying to think what other eps in S3 even address religious questions, so maybe in my agreement I'm thinking of S4 instead. Never mind. :p


pocochina February 21 2012, 03:54:17 UTC
Yeah, the virgin sacrifice thing was awful on a lot of levels.

I have liked Sam a lot so far, but this is where he's really clicking for me. I'm excited to see where he goes from here. I really like the way the show has them be - not the good brother and the bad brother, just different, and so they have huge potential to screw up in different ways. Dean certainly thinks there's a good brother and a bad brother, but only so that perspective can be called into question, which I really like.


ever_neutral February 21 2012, 23:12:35 UTC
Are we supposed to assume the hellhounds got her? I hope they didn't.

Meh, pretty sure they did.

Yes to the awesome ladies. That's not the last of Ruby, never fear!

Partially that's because of Sam, but partially it's because he feels that urge for control and supremacy - if he doesn't fight back, then he let it happen, and at least he went on his own terms.

Ugh, this so much. Perfect Dean analysis.

I just don't watch Man Shows About Men Who Do Man Things For Men, I guess?

Yep. I really cannot with the constant, CONSTANT misogynistic slurs.


pocochina February 22 2012, 00:22:07 UTC
aw, I choose to think Bela gave the hounds the slip and is off in Brazil wreaking havoc.



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