Jan 15, 2012 21:43

Who's up for a Sunday night episode review/rant? Sherlock 2x1 is some low-hanging-goddamn fruit, but fuck it, I'm cranky.

possibly skip this if you like this show! or standard punctuation! or not stabbing a fork through your eyes! )

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plaid_slytherin January 16 2012, 03:22:10 UTC
I liked the first batch (at least I thought I did. And then I tried to read some fic and realized what interested me most about H/W was the Victorian setting so Sherlock/John has no appeal for me), even after Moffat sucked all the joy and magic out of Doctor Who for me. But, seeing this, I don't think I'll even bother when we get this set.

ETA: "No disrespect, but clearly you were born in the eighties." HUH? What was the context for this???


pocochina January 16 2012, 03:54:27 UTC
Yeah, I generally hate to suggest writing stuff off as a loss, but if Eleven-brand-quirkiness doesn't work for you, there's not much to enjoy in this episode. (I really was neutral on him? Now I'm kind of...not.)

"No disrespect, but clearly you were born in the eighties." HUH? What was the context for this???

LOL, the Moff needs no context! Um, Sherlock is guessing at Irene's safe combination and he uses that to disqualify her DOB. I really don't see a reason to have plugged this into the middle what had to be a several-minute riff except to take a slap at women who have the audacity to complete puberty. (Since you're clearly on tenterhooks! The password is actually her measurements. VOMIT.)

I'm really not usually this harsh! IT'S JUST THAT AWFUL.


plaid_slytherin January 16 2012, 04:03:08 UTC
WTF, that makes ZERO sense. I think it'd be pretty obvious if she was 21 or under.

The only way I can think this makes sense is if "No disrespect" is meant to be "for bluntly presuming your age" as opposed to "you are old." But what do I know, I'm old. I was born in the 80s.


pocochina January 16 2012, 04:12:48 UTC
I thought so? But even then, "in the ballpark of a decade" is pretty far from an age-guess. Possibly I am suffering from antiquated manners as well!



(The comment has been removed)

Re: aren't you the Lord my God? pocochina January 16 2012, 05:56:45 UTC
Yeah. I mean, I acknowledge intellectually that there are a ton of fair criticisms you could make about RTD. But S5 was full of the frigging creepy Stepford presumption that squicks the shit out of me, where OF COURSE women are thrilled to be defined by romantic and familial relationships and TEEHEE, isn't that silly? It's not a question of even disliking any of the female characters, because I don't, but it's so frustrating that the production team as a whole cannot seem to imagine ANY WOMAN EVER would be otherwise.

And Sherlock - S1 has that issue in a big way, but at least for 2/3 of the episodes there's enough other stuff to make it tolerable. This episode chooses mean-spiritedness over entertainment value at every turn.

It's just always such a relief to find other people who aren't drinking the Moffat Kool-Aid.

I really am glad everyone loves Eleven! But I DON'T GET IT. Maybe S6 is better and I'll care enough to give it a shot at some point? DONNA COME BACK TO MEEEEEEE.


norwie2010 January 16 2012, 05:13:09 UTC
I know nothing of the shows you speak of (i have no TV set - and i know why).

Moffat's completely gaze-rooted, commodified view of female sexuality makes me want to stab myself in the face?! EXCEPT NO WAIT IT IS EXACTLY THAT.

Still, i think this is the wrong way to go about this. I humbly suggest doing this to assholes, instead.

Better results all around.


pocochina January 16 2012, 05:58:59 UTC
hee! I admire your strategic insight!


shineyma January 16 2012, 05:55:39 UTC
I think you've managed to pinpoint exactly what bothered me about Scandal. I knew I didn't really like it, but I couldn't articulate why so I was just sort of quietly hating while my friends gushed over it ( ... )


pocochina January 16 2012, 06:11:45 UTC

... )


penny_lane_42 January 16 2012, 14:49:27 UTC
I clearly read Eleven completely differently than you do, but yeah, that episode was gross (I will never understand how the writer is the same guy who gave me Lynda Day. I will never understand). I have, however, adopted ladyofthelog's theory that Irene is always trolling. Always. No matter what she says or does, she's trolling. It makes for a much more comfortable viewing experience, even if I know good and well it's not what Moffatt intended. Thank God we've moved beyond authorial intent!

Also, I recommend reading this. It's pretty perfect and fixes everything.


pocochina January 16 2012, 17:12:11 UTC
It was so hateful! I really don't mind vicious humor as a tool to make a point, but meanness for the sake of meanness is just so cheap.

[info]ladyofthelog's theory that Irene is always trolling. Always. No matter what she says or does, she's trolling.

LOL, word, that is awesome, and fixes a lot.


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