real life has become a Glee outtakes reel

Aug 18, 2011 00:44

I can't decide if I'm wildly amused or disproportionately outraged by this case. Because, when a decision starts off with an ominous:

Not much good takes place at slumber parties for high school kids, and this case proves the point. [Ed note: dun dun DUN!]

you expect some CRAZY SHIT, right?
prepare to be disappointed and slighty embarrassed for a whole lot of people )

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vash26 August 18 2011, 11:08:48 UTC
I agree that it isn't THAT big of a deal, but it is rather stupid of them.

Children really need to be taught at a young age not to post everything on the web, and to be aware that there are always friends taking pics with their phones. I'm actually quite happy that that wasn't the case when I was that age, cause I'm pretty sure it would all be online now. I have however no idea how to get kids to understand how important it is.


pocochina August 18 2011, 15:38:07 UTC
I mean, yeah. High school being high school, though, I'm pretty sure they got there on their own when all their little friends divided into pro- and anti-sucker camps. I'm guessing the whole thing was embarrassing enough to teach them a lesson on its own. Aside from the other issues, I kind of think it's overkill.


penny_lane_42 August 18 2011, 16:46:22 UTC

have however no idea how to get kids to understand how important it is.

It's a problem, isn't it?


spuffy_noelle August 18 2011, 13:09:41 UTC
I wish schools would make such an issue out of more important(?) things that happen on-line like cyber bullying. Many schools believe they don't have the right to get involved in things that happen off campus, and this is probably one reason - because parents will sue!

Kids are so stupid! They never think about what's going to come back and bite you in the ass.


pocochina August 18 2011, 15:43:14 UTC
In this case, I'm really glad to see the parents sued? It would've been so easy to pile on in the punishment - I can't even imagine what would've happened in my parents' house - but they stuck by their kids' civil rights even if it was embarrassing. That's pretty great.

I totally agree that there are things online that schools should be paying more attention to, though. Because cyberbullying - is not victimless and does impact school environment. So it kind of is their business. It's really disturbing to see this kind of thing be prioritized instead of that.


(The comment has been removed)

pocochina August 18 2011, 15:48:30 UTC
Another kid's parent printed them out and went to the superintendent. Because THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM WAS CONFLICTED, SERVES DROPPED LEFT AND RIGHT, SUCH MADNESS HAD TO BE STOPPED.

pfft, right? kids are so dumb. I cannot believe this school was unequipped to recognize that reality.


gabrielleabelle August 18 2011, 16:32:02 UTC
Jesus fucking christ on a pogo stick. Really?


pocochina August 18 2011, 17:24:40 UTC
REALLY. So ridiculous. yeah, the kids did something immature. And then every adult in the situation went LOL WE'LL SHOW YOU FROM IMMATURE. IF IT'S WORTH DOING IT'S WORTH DOING RIGHT.


gabrielleabelle August 18 2011, 17:43:20 UTC
It calls to mind of something from a couple years ago. At an old job of mine, there was a guy who had something of an obsessive crush on me. I thought he was largely harmless, so when I was presented with the opportunity to report him to HR, I decided not to. However, after I left that job, he found me on myspace (the social network site of the time) and started being stalk-y ( ... )


penny_lane_42 August 18 2011, 16:45:20 UTC
Not much good takes place at slumber parties for high school kids, and this case proves the point


As a matter of fact, Mr. Judge-y Judge, my friends and I managed to have tons and tons of sleepovers during high school without getting into any kind of trouble at all. So. There.

Absolutely nothing else. Nothing about laws or safety, not a mention of educational environment or even school property. Just that the fact that these girls seem to have some small knowledge of and sense of humor about sex and didn't try to hide it. And someone had to put a stop to that nonsense!

I agree with you, totally, that this went to places it never should have gone. How stupid on the school's behalf! I hate it when things get blown out of proportion.

This is a classic example of something that the parents should punish if they have a problem with it. How does this have anything to do with the school whatsoever? Was it a private school?


pocochina August 18 2011, 17:29:06 UTC
SO TRUE. I actually can't think of anything half so entertainingly regrettable from when I was that age. EVEN AT BAND CAMP.

oh, no, it was a public school. Your taxpayer dollars at work, Fort Wayne citizens, I HOPE YOU'RE ALL PLEASED. (Your taxpayer dollars, and your federal abstinence-only money! OOOPS!)


penny_lane_42 August 19 2011, 00:37:24 UTC
Okay, that makes it worse. Because private schools can outline sorts of behaviors they won't accept, and when you pay the fee, you're agreeing to abide by those rules. But a public school doesn't get to throw a fit about how it's being represented! WHAT?


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