hates any man the thing he would not kill?

Dec 01, 2010 14:36

Insight into my boring life:  I usually think these things out on the elliptical.  Unfortunately I had minor medication weirdness which resulted in me not eating enough before my most recent workout, and therefore much verbosity and wackiness below.  You've been warned.

The Oath )

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pocochina December 1 2010, 20:29:24 UTC
AAAAAH! AAAAAH! EVIL CHESSMASTER GAETA! I am NEVER going to get over it. I CANNOT DECIDE if I want the last Cylon to end up being Gaeta or Ellen now! I WANT THEM BOTH BACK. Obviously I will know within, like, a week at the rate I am burning through this season *SOB* but still.

Am I going to be spoiled for anything if I watch the webisodes now so I can have my Gaeta fix? I MISS HIM ALREADY.

Also ADORED the whole passive-aggressive exchange, because she's RIGHT!

AAAAAAAAH YES I LOVED IT. I mean these two being all cute and domestic totally does it for me anyway AS YOU WELL KNOW, but Laura nailing Bill like that made it perfect.

How weird was it that Helo's injury at the hands of the insurrectionists (the head against the block) is almost the same as what he did to Sharon's rapist?yes yes yes they totally did it on purpose too, he was going to come peacefully, they could have shot him, but this is sheer eye-for-an-eye ( ... )


ever_neutral December 2 2010, 08:36:25 UTC

Tyrol the resistance leader is back, HE IS THE GROWN-UP NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM

OMG !!! *runs around headless* I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO THIS.

And Gaeta is like “I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME HERE!” and Baltar is like “but baby I want you back!” and Gaeta isn’t having it and so he’s all “YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!

This conversation is NOT EVEN SUBTEXT. HOLY SHIT.

I really believe it would not bother me anywhere near so much if there were gay characters who were not vengeful murderers.

Ick, ugh, oh, unfortunate. What are you doing man.

The show pounds home the Kara/Lee and Bill/Laura parallels when Bill and Laura decide to press pause in the middle of this whole government overthrow to be adorable horny teenagers for a second because doesn’t it feel good to be alive?  Even if it’s just for this moment right here right now.  But OMG I had to pause the stream to laugh at Lee looking away from the wild makeout session.


I am not just saying this because I like Gaeta and find Zarek sleazily ( ... )


pocochina December 2 2010, 09:11:40 UTC
OMG HAVE TO SLEEP but I want to taaaaaaaaaalk about this episode. More, because the 4K words above were not enough. I am ashamed of myself right now.

RIGHT? RIGHT? They have a hidden destiny which nobody even suspects because they are a little overlooked because of the different social norms of Airon/Yorkshire, where they grew up. BUT THEY LEAD THE RESISTANCE, TIME AND AGAIN, B/C THEY ARE BAMFS.

This conversation is NOT EVEN SUBTEXT. HOLY SHITI just adore that look on Gaeta's face as he answers the phone. Because it's totally the look I would give before launching into YOU LYING MOTHERFUCKER! WHO IS SHE!?! love these two twisted kids and their twisted relationship, whatever it is ( ... )


ever_neutral December 2 2010, 16:20:02 UTC
Oh man I am bone tired BUT MORE TALK SURE WHY NOT.



I seriously need to rewatch this episode just for the Gaeta/Baltar-ness. Alas, my friend has my S4 DVDs currently...

But there should be a few regular characters, with y'know, less horrible relationships to balance it out.

This is true. It is NOT THAT DIFFICULT. This show is weird with its progressiveness. And now I'm craving fic.

A PETITION MUST BE BROUGHT ABOUT. I'm sure the folks at bamber_news would approve.


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