RIDDLE TIME: what's two inches long and has NEVER RAPED ANYONE?

Aug 02, 2010 23:45

A:  An IUD.

Apparently, doctors in Scotland are following some new sexual health guidelines, concerning the discussion long-term contraceptive options with young teenage patients who ask about the contraceptive pill, “as long as the doctor does not suspect exploitation or coercion.”  The Express, the paper which originally reported on this, ( Read more... )

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soonest_mended August 3 2010, 04:27:01 UTC
The only fear that I, as an IUD user, harbor:

Attempts to remove the IUD by, say, gripping the strings and yanking could result in permanent uterine and cervical damage. My husband assures me that it's difficult to feel the strings during penetrative vaginal sex, but he can find them easily with his fingers. This wouldn't be a blanket contraindication, but would make a soft plastic IUD such as Mirena preferable to a copper model.

I wish I had been able to get an IUD when I was younger.


pixxelpuss August 3 2010, 04:54:50 UTC
Yeah. That and if the abused person lives with the abuser, it may be difficult to get timely medical care in the case of IUD rejection, uterine perforation, or other complications.

The IUD is a Great contraceptive option, but it's probably not the one that I'd recommend for someone who doesn't want their partner to know they're on contraceptives.


pixxelpuss August 3 2010, 04:50:12 UTC
Huh ( ... )


pocochina August 5 2010, 02:46:53 UTC
I went to a doctor once looking for emergency contraception and had to sit through a massive disapproving lecture before he'd give me the prescription


teen sex and teen rape are two different things. You can't make a dent in the second by attacking the first

So, so well-said. Honestly, I am more and more convinced that the loudest hand-wringing about teen sex is a deliberate distraction by folks who are perfectly content with rape happening constantly and with impunity. They make me fucking sick.


bluemage55 August 4 2010, 01:22:07 UTC
Great analysis. Also, the effort you put into populating your entries with relevant links is very informative and just awesome. Thanks.


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