Plot without Porn 2009 Round Up

Aug 22, 2010 11:04

Sorry for the random post, but I really should have done this a year ago! Apparently I can't backdate community entries, but it seemed more worthwhile having this post than not.

So, here are the fics that were posted in 2009!


brutti_ma_buoni wrote Learning the Ropes (1-8/8) [Giles, Watchers' Council; pre-series; PG-13]
hello_spikey wrote The Soul Drinker (1-3/3) [Spike, Gunn, ensemble; AtS S5; PG-13]
quinara wrote An Exercise in Futility [Wesley, Giles; AtS S5; PG-13]
rahirah wrote Family Matters [Spike, OCs; futurefic; PG-13]
shapinglight wrote The Worst Journey in the World (1-5/5) [Buffy/Spike, Wesley; post-series; R]
whichclothes wrote All Goes Onward and Outward (1-7/7) [Spike/Angel; futurefic; PG-13]


lily_lovely wrote Unremembered [Claire/Topher; post-S1; PG-13]


ningloreth wrote Supernatural [Legolas/Eowyn, Haldir, OCs; futurefic; R]

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