Last orders, please!!

Aug 20, 2010 23:22

[/pub metaphor]

Thanks so much to everyone who's taken part in this round of plot_wout_porn - I think it's been a great success, though I'm mostly judging that on the good time I've had and that nobody seems to be complaining! ;) I'm going to be back in about twelve hours time (probably) to close everything officially, but I thought I'd pop in now just to check that no one's sitting on anything that they're looking to post. It might be time to bash out those last couple of sentences and release it to the aether!

If you're working on something, but time's been against you so you won't be able to get it up for another day or so I'm willing to allow a grace period. If could make a comment here, though, just so we all know what to expect. Say, for example, you've got twenty chapters up your sleeve, then we can look into spreading them out over a few days rather than spamming them in a blast! :)

Thanks again, gang! Speak to you soon!

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