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Nov 01, 2016 12:21

You know, I'm not sure this exchange really does author letters? BUT I'M DOING IT.

Dear Author,

I am REALLY EXCITED to get a Batfamily story, so just like yuletide, please consider this letter to be HELPFUL BUT OPTIONAL. Please write the story that speaks to you. Even if it doesn't include ANY of these things, I will still be happy!

This letter in one sentence:

My bulletproof kink is my fave being loved, respected, not alone, and also bleeding a little/a lot.

This letter in a lot more sentences:

GEN VS. ROMANCE: My big narrative kink is characters becoming less alone. I want the main characters to find someone (or someones) to be a longterm life companion, someone to put on their medical contact forms. Romantic pairings hit that kink almost automatically, but if you can do it with gen, I’m all for it.


  • Plot, family, world-building, relationship dynamics, interpersonal politics, competence kink. I like drama, mortal peril, and characters caring deeply about each other (and about each other in peril)

  • H/C. Peril. Protectiveness, especially grumpy growly won’t-admit-it, maybe-doesn’t-even-realize-it protectiveness.

  • I love seeing a connection being built step by step from scratch. You don't need to show me the whole journey from A to B. Just one step from the beginning or middle would be great. Strangers -> Family. Estranged --> Understanding. Enemies -> Lovers. Wariness -> Communicating without Words. Etc.

  • POV Characters getting so stressed or injured they’re not really aware of their surroundings. Who gets them out of there and what are the consequences, how does everyone else react.

  • Physical proximity and touch as comfort and safety.

  • I love when characters caring about each other creates problems for those characters (when it fucks up their composure, their reputation, their personal ambitions and schemes, etc). I love circumstances that trick a character into revealing more than they meant to.

  • I love supporting characters and ensemble casts. I love when supporting characters put our main characters into context. I love when a story shows me how a character's different relationships are, well, *different* from each other. Especially when the other characters notice.

  • Any sexual activity between an underage character and an adult, unless the age gap is 1-2 years. Bruce paired romantically or sexually with any of his children or proteges.

  • Fluff without peril. Porn without plot. Crippling public embarrassment. Romantic cliches like first dates, proposals, meeting the parents, the shovel talk, staring into each other's eyes, saying "I love you" out loud, etc. The trope where everyone assumes A and B are dating and no one believes A when A says they're not.

CANON COMPLIANCE OPTIONAL: I view the DC universe as a build-your-own-burrito bar. Beat the continuity into whatever shape you want, I don't mind at all. :) My batfamily is: Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, Damian, Cass, Babs with a side of Alfred, Bruce, Selina, and Jim Gordon. I don't really know the other characters because I am really, really not up to date on canon.

Re: Bruce, I prefer him flawed but loving; someone who's done some things wrong but not *everything*.

Re: Jason, I am a sucker for a good redemption arc. I love a Jason who isn't easy, who's made his own bad choices, who's dangerous. A Jason who dug the hole he's stuck in and who’s digging himself out the same way. A Jason who's still the kid who loved school and reading more than any other Robin.

Re: Dick,I would like to see him with some hard edges and darkness. I personally love Dick as a team leader and machiavellian schemer who also works himself to death trying to be involved in a bunch of different teams and support a bunch of different heroes. Who is chatty and smirky and vain and loves attention. Who can get angry.

Re: Ladies, I like selfish, ambitious women who make mistakes and don't know what they're doing all the time, who tough it out or break down or ask for help or fake it til they make it or *whatever*. Ladies who are not any less disaster human beings than the boys. Ladies who go through as much shit as the boys. Basically I like when the ladies are written to appeal to my id and my empathy rather than written to be my role model. Vulnerable BAMFs, yeah?

A final note: if you find yourself contorting painfully to match my likes and dislikes, please ignore them. Write your story. I am always interested to see another fan's interpretations of the characters. I will read it and enjoy it! Thank you again for writing for me. :D


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