Prompts again, kind of

Jan 30, 2014 18:24

I gave asking for prompts on tumblr a try earlier today, but for reasons enumerated there, I am not really... arty at the moment ( Read more... )


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crazy4orcas January 31 2014, 03:56:41 UTC
*hugs* I hope you're having better days now!

Prompt -- Clint, Natasha, Lucky, and Liho (assuming you're following the comics as well as MCU)

Prompt -- dragons! Just because they're awesome.


pentapus January 31 2014, 17:52:27 UTC
I am, thank you. I thought I wasn't going to be able to draw anything, but after all the prompts, I ended up drawing several pictures, which I'll post in the next few days.

I don't follow the comics, but I think Lucky is... a dog? Who might like pizza? I don't know Liho, though.


crazy4orcas January 31 2014, 23:13:46 UTC
Glad to hear you're having better days! And looking forward to more pictures!

I'm not really following the comics either, but I've absorbed bits and pieces from tumblr. Lucky is a dog who likes pizza and hangs out with Clint in his Hawkeye comic. Liho is a black cat who has apparently tried to adopt Natasha in her new Black Widow comic, from what I can gather, Natasha is resisting.


amezri January 31 2014, 04:22:45 UTC
I left you an ask on Tumblr about the thing you wrote there. Feel free to reply here or there or not at all. Just wanted to...convey that you're not alone I guess?

As for prompts, you don't have to take them or fill them, so THANK YOU for drawing them. :)


pentapus January 31 2014, 18:01:31 UTC
Since a lot of my anxiety comes from feeling like I'm a weirdo faking my way through life, messages about not being alone are helpful. Thank you. :)


an_kayoh January 31 2014, 11:42:55 UTC
and I'm pretty certain most of you agree with me on that

Totally. It's like people asking me to knit them things, some days it's like "I will never ever knit another Jayne hat for as long as I live" and some days somebody's gets mittens. In May. That they might have forgotten they asked for.

Tortall anything? While I was working on the Raksura story last fall, my brain kept trying to distract me with a plotbunny about Roald's daughter Lianokami and her female future Champion as teens + UST. Or Kel making a journey back to the Yamani Isles.

Any of the girls from Naruto - and yakiniku! My work party had yakiniku last night and the ladies manage to maneuver a grill to ourselves. It was awesome since the office guys can't grill meat to save their lives and they're always trying to give us food poisoning.

Or you could read the Fall of Ile-Rien and draw Florian. I <3 Florian, but she might not be worth the extra fandom.


pentapus January 31 2014, 19:40:41 UTC
Yes, that's very much it. And I also have to remember that people always want Jayne hats because Jayne hates are easy to want. That doesn't mean I have to be their Jayne hat source or that I can't wait for a more novel prompt if I want it.

One of my go-to space out places is a Ronin Warriors/Tortall fusion where Hashiba Rowen is Roald II. So I am with you on the random Tortall imaginings. :P

Ooh, Naruto girls. Hmm... maybe! I am always glad to see your temari icon. XD


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