Art: Not a Face I Expected

Jan 12, 2009 22:07

Not a Face I Expected
for bluflamingo for sg_flyboys, a twist on the prompt "prior history".
I once posted a picture using wingdings font for ancient text to save time. Everyone and their OCs looked up what the wingdings said, which was nothing. I learned from that mistake. I hope this picture entertains.

In case you didn't want to google. The 'easter eggs' in this picture are pretty silly, but I did enjoy sticking them in. Ayiana is the Ancient found under the ice in Antarctica (the Earth here is drawn from a satellite picture of the Antartica-ish part of the globe), that's the constellation Pegasus in the upper left of the starscape (cleverly traced!), John's leaning on a box of zpms, there's a giant space cruiser in the shape of a puddlejumper (and some little ones in the lower right), and Cam's holding a time machine labeled--well, everyone else in the comments already knows. :)

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