*Wish List* (Mode Edition)

Sep 01, 2014 15:26

Christmas isn't here yet I have a full list of things I would've to wear or see as soon as possible in my room. Here's a random list of whatever I want to buy no matter what:

- Black high heels boots from Bershka
- Black boots with nice laces from Bershka
- Simple black boots from Bershka
- (Black) Creepers
- High-waisted Disco pants
- Fuzzy sweater (the same as Clueless' Cher if it's even possible)
- Basic extra large-sized t-shirts (so I can swim in it and look fab)
- Huge-sized black leather jacket from Forever21 (gorgeous and quite cheap piece)
- Neon headphones
- Long skirts with cute patterns on it
- That furby bag from O Mighty
- Some weird and coloured chokers
- A ton of rings
- A funky backpack

Is that too much to ask? I hope to have all of it by the end of this year. *crossing my fingers*

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