Excuse me, Dr. Watson

Jan 01, 2012 23:49

You own my heart. It is yours now. Here it is on a plate for you. Feel free to keep it in the fridge next to the thumbs.

I just. I can't. I love these boys so much. And I know everyone in fandom is flailing over Irene right now, and yes I loved her very very much. But. Girl simply can't compete with John.

So many great moments from this episode. I think my favorite thing ever is the boys' relationship to Mrs. Hudson. When Mycroft told her to shut up! OH BOYS. And honestly, the rage on Sherlock's face when he realized she'd been hurt, just. ;_______; He is so tender with her, and John of course but we expect that of John. But SHERLOCK. Sweeping in to her rescue! <3333

And can we talk about John some more?? XDD I said about as much on tumblr, when somebody made a graphic using the line "somebody loves you." And, yes, I know it was kind of a throwaway line, and that Irene was talking about preserving Sherlock's pretty face, but still. It just got to me. What I said on tumblr (in tags, lol) was basically that John loves Sherlock so easily, so naturally that it comes out in little things like this. And Sherlock may not know how to love or how to be loved (how heartbreaking was his comment to Mycroft, "do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?"), but he lets John love him. Sherlock may not understand love or romance the way other people do, but he doesn't have to. He understands what it means to have a John. Because he has one.


I'm sorry, I just get so choked up over these boys and their beautiful faces. I'm so glad to have them back. <333

Eventually I will talk about Irene. But the boys come first. ;D

Feel free to discuss. I'll just...be over here...watching it again. XDD

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