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Jul 10, 2011 23:05

YOU GUYS. TRUE BLOOD. I had my doubts about this season, based on the severe left turn the first episode (and a half) took from the books, but ALL IS FORGIVEN. Well, MOST is forgiven. LET'S DISCUSS.

Because it just needs to get out of the way before I can talk coherently about anything else, ERIC. HOW SO ADORABLE???? It's been a long time since I read this book (and for those of you who haven't, I will not talk about ANYTHING that hasn't happened yet, I promise), but I remember being totally smitten with amnesia!Eric, and Alexander is KILLING IT. He's just TOO ADORABLE. I mean, I always knew he was more than just a sexy badass, but I always love the scenes that show how diverse and actor Alex really is (like the Godric scene in season 2, OH GOD MY HEART), and this is a great side of him to see. The feet washing! Wearing Jason's clothes! Looking longingly at Sookie! Apologizing for every little thing! SKIRTING AROUND THE CARPET WITH HIS MUDDY FEET! I just...CANNOT TAKE THE CUTE. Keep it up, Skars, keep it up. <3333

Not to mention that in this episode EVERY boy was just so adorable. I don't know WHAT is in the water these actors are drinking, but it is making them too cute, TOO CUTE. Am I the only one seeing it? Sam's confrontation with Andy was like my favorite Sam scene since season 1. He seemed so much more like the book!Sam I'm used to, sweet and helpful and caring but also a little tough and snarky and can kick your ass. I'm glad that most of broody!Sam from last season seems to be gone.

And Jesus, JESUS. Seriously, I am starting to forget that he wasn't in the books because he has stolen my heart. In a purely platonic sense, because I want him with Lafayette foreverrrr. THOSE BOYS. THEY KILL ME WITH THE CUTE. Every scene they have together is always chocked full of that fantastic chemistry, they really sell it. I mean, watching them I BELIEVE that they're a couple. The banter! The kissing! The pet names! I just about lost it when Jesus casually called him "baby," it was such a nice contrast to Lafayette's usual snarky nicknames. I just love those twoooooo~ They make me flail like no canon couple has on a show in a long long time. Like, since LOST. XDD

What else, what else?

OH YEAH, ALCIDE. Aside from the fact that everyone mispronounces his name (you don't say the "D" you say it like "Al-see," which I think is how he said it when he was first introduced? It just grates me, as a person who's name gets mispronounced, lol. Correct them, Alcide!). Ahem, where was I? That man can ROCK a flannel shirt. Hnnnng. It's weird, because he is so not my "type" of boy, body-wise (I usually like skinny, Adam Scott-like boys the best) but for him I will make an exception! He is just so sweet! When he lifted up Sookie and was just genuinely happy to see her? MY HEART. I think that was my favorite Sookie-reunion so far since she's come back from Fairy. I don't totally like that Debbie is back in the picture...Oh Alcide, you're such a sucker. :( And I am still harboring some shippery feelings for Sookie/Alcide. :P

Speaking of Fairy...WTF CLAUDINE??? WHAT IS HAPPENING?? I just cannot get a read on her, whether to trust her or not! Which is weird because in the books she is so different, and so obviously on Sookie's side. But I guess it doesn't matter any more, lol. XDD

Speaking of Sookie (maybe I should talk about the main character a little? lol), she was so adorable this episode too. Her little primping before Alcide opened the door! Trying to read a book waiting for Eric but being too distracted! And all her reactions to everything Eric does are just PRICELESS. She goes from that frustrated little huff, to rolling her eyes, to googling at's just so funny. XDDD But I love that she's looking out for him, in telling Tara he went missing. And she brought him True Blood! She just...didn't get it to him in time. XDDD

Seriously, I could watch a whole show of just Sookie and amnesia!Eric hanging out and getting into silly shenanigans to which Eric just gives her those big doe-eyes and goes "...sorry." Oh wait, that is the show I'm watching. XDDD

I don't really want to talk about the un-fun stuff that's going on. Everything about Hotshot is making me really uncomfortable, lol. Kind of...not sure where it's going. But it's really gross and freaky and UGH. JASON. I want him baaaaaack. :(( It's weird that this is going on while all the Eric stuff is going on, because Sookie hasn't even noticed he's gone! I mean, the entire plot of one of the books is Jason being missing (and I'm sure some other stuff that I don't remember), but I guess the show has to do other plotlines besides the main Sookie story for the season. Unless you're like me and only want the Bon Temps stuff. I want to seriously move there. :P

I can't wait for next week now! I am hooked back in for reals after this episode.

Must now resist the urge to write Jesus/Lafayette fic...I've had one in my head since the first episode of this season, but I'm trying to not write anything else until I make some more headway on my vacationthon fic. But...this will only be a little one-shot, and mostly PWP! *gives doe-eyes like Eric* Just this one little fic, then back to work? XDDD I am so bad.

It will get written eventually. But now, to bed, because I've been going nonstop all day long, working an extra early and extra long shift, then tons of errands after that took too long, then taking an online quiz for class, then of course True Blood (lol), and now I'm wiped out. Good thing tomorrow is my day off. :D

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