Jun 30, 2011 13:41

No graphic this time because I'm lazy. XD

~*~The Fandom Love (mini)Fic-A-Thon~*~


A little spin on the "leave a prompt, get a fic" meme. Here's how it works:

> When leaving a prompt you must only leave a fandom and a prompt. NO CHARACTERS OR PAIRINGS ALLOWED THIS TIME! The writer gets to write about whoever they want! Example prompt: LOST- "nightswimming."
> Your fill must be a one-sentence fic. Or, if you need an extra sentence or two, a mini-fill is fine. This is because everyone is busy enjoying summertime fun, and this is meant to be a low-key, drive-by fic-a-thon. However, if you get super inspired and are an over-achiever, feel free to write as much as you want!
> Any and all fandoms are allowed!
> Slash, het, femslash, OT3, gen, any type of fic you want is allowed!
> If someone beats you to the prompt you really wanted to fill, go ahead and fill it anyway! The more fills the better, and besides, everyone will interpret the prompts differently.
> Invite your friends!
> As always, play nice! Especially if someone fills your prompt in a way you didn't expect. This is more about challenging ourselves as writers rather than getting exactly the fic you wanted.
> Have fun!

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